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Rental Pricing

Our Lawn Games
So you're ready to have THE event that everyone is talking about? Watch your guests gather around, laugh, and play yard games as they celebrate your special event!

Our lawn games are perfect for Weddings, Cocktail Hours, Corporate Parties, Employee Appreciation Events, and much more!

Mini Golf (3 Holes)....... $250
Giant Chess .................... $150

PuttSkee ......…............…. $100
PLINKO .............................. $100
Giant Connect 4 ........... $75
Cornhole ......…................  $75
Giant Kerplunk .............  $75
Giant Jenga ...................  $50
Ladder Golf .....................  $50
Yard Yahtzee ....................  $25
Giant Tic-Tac-Toe ......... $25
*Prices listed are for 1 Day Rentals


We want to fit in. Our game accessories come in 12 color options to match the décor of any event!

Color Options:
Black, Brown, White, Gray, Pink, Purple, Blue, Navy, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow

We are fully insured and happy to provide a COI for your venue upon request!

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Mini Golf
Mini Golf


Up fore a challenge? Our three holes of mini golf each with its own unique design, will keep your guests putting for more! Each green measures 2 ft. wide by 6 ft. long and comes with its own putter. Choose from over 12 colors of golf balls to match your event!

Golf Ball Color Options: Black, Brown, White, Gray, Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow

Giant Chess


Mate? Check. Add a touch of class to your event with these simple and elegant chess pieces! Our giant chess pieces stand 25” tall and are made of durable waterproof plastic. The pieces are light enough to move easily, yet sturdy enough to resist the wind. This game includes a sleek black and white nylon chess board that measures 9 ft x 9 ft. The chess board can be staked down on a grassy area or will lay flat nicely on a patio. Kings and Queens alike will enjoy playing this larger than life game!

Standard Color: Black & White Chess Pieces / Chess Board

Giant Chess Rental


A mini-golf + skeeball mashup that won't disappoint! This fun twist on an arcade classic will be the star of your event! Our Puttskee game measures 6+ ft. long by 1.5 ft wide and comes with 2 standard sized putters. Choose from our many golf ball colors to compliment your event décor!

Golf Ball Color OptionsBlack, Brown, White, Gray, Gold, Pink, Dark Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow

Puttskee colors.jpg
Giant Connect 4


Make a statement with this large 4-foot-wide by 3-foot-tall game board. The discs are 5 inches in diameter. Giant Connect 4 is played in the same way as Connect 4 by dropping the discs strategically to try to get 4 discs in a row. This is our most popular game and a major crowd pleaser!

Standard Color Discs: Black & Red

Giant Connect Four
Cornhole Pink and White.jpg
Cornhole Boards
Cornhole (Barnwood Style)


These rustic cornhole boards are as beautiful as they are fun! Made to the standard size of 48” x 24”, the barnwood slats come together perfectly to give this game a little rustic charm. Our weather resistant cornhole bags measure 6” x 6” and come in 12 different colors. These boards will complement the décor of any event and are always popular with guests of all ages!

Bag Color Options: Black, Brown, White, Gray, Pink, Purple, Blue, Navy, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow.

Giant Jenga


Bring your favorite game outside! Our giant Jenga tower stands 27" tall and sits on top of a rustic wooden base measuring 12" tall for a total starting height of over 3 feet. These pieces have been handcrafted and sanded to have a smooth finish, perfect for making just the right move!

Giant Jenga Rental
Ladder Golf


Ladder Golf, Hillbilly Horseshoes… whatever you call it, it’s sure to be fun! Team up and have fun tossing colorful bolas across to your teams ladder. This classic game has been re-designed with rustic charm. Each ladder stands 3 ½ feet tall. This game is a hit with all ages!

Bola Color Options: Black, Brown, White, Gray, Gold, Pink, Purple, Blue, Navy, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow

Ladder Golf
Ladder Golf
Ladder Ball Rental
Yard Yahtzee


Have a blast playing with these giant yard dice! The set includes 6 sanded wooden dice, measuring 3.5" along with a galvanized steel bucket to do all the rolling. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use and a countless number of games!

Standard Color: Natural wood / dark stained dots

Yard Yahtzee
Tic Tac Toe
Giant Tic-Tac-Toe


Your guests will love our rustic spin on this classic Tic-Tac-Toe game! The natural rope board measures almost 4' x 4'. Make your next move using our giant X's and O's!

Standard Color: Barnwood Stained Game Pieces

Giant Tic Tac Toe
Giant Kerplunk
Giant Kerplunk


This fun 80's classic will not disappoint! Our Giant Kerplunk game stands over 5 feet tall with rustic wooden accents. Lightweight multi-colored marbles and wooden dowel rods complete the look!

Standard Color: Bright and Neutral Marbles available

Giant Kerplunk


Giant sized game-show fun! Plinko stands nearly 5 feet tall with 4 customizable slots at the bottom. Drop your disc to score! Standard slots are labeled 1 - 4, we can customize these to fit in with your event by request. 

Standard Color: Black and White


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